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This song deals with issues of racial violence and how the justice system protects it. It makes reference to the 1982 murder of Vincent Chin in Detroit, carried out via baseball bat by two white autoworkers, Ronald Ebens and Michael Nitz. They reportedly said to Chin something along the lines of "you motherfuckers are why we are out of work," referring to the increasing Japanese competition in the auto industry, despite the fact that Chin was Chinese. The lyrics also reference the 2012 shooting of black teenager Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman. Ebens, Nitz and Zimmerman never served a day in prison for murdering Chin or Martin. The third verse references attorney general Jeff Sessions and his history of racist voter suppression, and suggests that due to the justice system's historical role of protecting racism and violence, Sessions is a dangerous man to be in such an office.


Kilogram of hatred in your head
It's red like Glen from The Walking Dead
Just another motherfucker born and bred
Bleeding on the street gray matter spread
Did he steal your job
Did he make you poor
Or did booze make you beat him dead on the floor
If justice has never been served before
Then let justice rain down like the hammer of Thor

Listen up to this headline
If you do the crime then you do the time

Violence and Skittles and blood on the street
Can't stand his ground if he's nothing but meat
Hold his head high and stand on his two feet
But it won't be long 'til they send in the head
Make no mistake we're gonna get pissed
When you get away with a slap on the wrist
Shout all we want and raise our fist
But the system leans white and will never miss

Listen up to this headline
If you do the crime then you do the time

Listen up 'cause class is in Session
This is a blatant act of transgression
This is no mere imperfection
You've got yourselves an insurrection
Voter suppression
Killing in the name
In the end it's all the same
The man is not the only one to blame
'Cause you were the fuel
He only lit the flame

Listen up to this headline
If you do the crime then you do the time


from Use Your Voice - EP, released April 28, 2017
Vocals: Matt Nguyen-Ngo
Guitars: John I. Kittle
Bass: Ethan Voytko
Drums: Matt Nguyen-Ngo
Programming: Matt Nguyen-Ngo



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Use Your Voice Williamsburg, Virginia

Use Your Voice is the band that founder Matt Nguyen-Ngo put together to create his senior project EP for Asian Pacific Islander American Studies at the College of William & Mary. It is made up of members from his previous bands, Say Your Name and Wind for Wings.

Matt Nguyen-Ngo
John I. Kittle
Will Penix
Ethan Voytko
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